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    Slingbox M1 help needed




      I've recently bought a US version Slingbox M1 and brought it back to the UK to use with a Sky+ HD box.


      The Sky+ HD box does not have component output and so I purchased an HDMI to component device along with an HDMI splitter. Others who have used both devices confirm, via reviews, that the devices strip HDCP.


      Unfortunately, when hooked up to the Sky+ HD box (via the HDMI splitter and then via the HDMI to component box) the Slingbox will only accept a picture of 576p - it will not accept the picture when the Sky+ HD box is set to 720p or 1080i (the only two other video outputs).


      I'm 99% sure that this isn't a HDCP issue and so am confident that the fault lies with the Slingbox. Can anyone help me get an HD picture out of the M1 please?


      I'm able to stream (in 576p) to my Android phone and the resolution is acceptable (given the smaller screen). However, when I try to cast the video to a Chromecast (using the Sling app) I get two black bars on either side of the video (something which I don't get when viewing on my Android phone). Again, can anyone help eliminate the black bars? I've tried altering the display settings on my tv but the black bars remain.


      I'm hoping that if I can get an HD picture to the Slingbox the black bars will disappear.


      Finally, I've been trying to find a solution as to how I can watch Sling on my Chromebook - frustratingly, neither the web-player nor the Facebook player are compatible with Chromebooks/M1s.


      As of today I can only get an SD picture to my Android phone which is frustrating and disappointing - PLEASE HELP.