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    Solo not Responding


      My Slingbox Solo has the continuous red light status.  I have tried unplugging everything, restarting, connecting directly with ethernet, and a brand new power supply that I ordered from Sling.  The box is less than a year old but outside the 90 support period.  How can I get a functioning replacement if I have tried everything in the support forums including ordering a power supply which seems to be a common problem?

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          I don't think Sling support likes to broach this subject. It looks like this is a fairly common problem.


          The electronics that feed power must be somewhere they may have cut corners, as my Solo was on a surgeprotector that wasn't tripped.


          We've had ours for over a year, but they say the definition of insanity is to try the same thing twice and expect different results, so I think our relationship with Sling has likely ended. If it was just our device I'd chalk it up to luck of the draw but this looks like a design flaw by the amount of posts related to it.


          It looks like they may actually stand by their product, but you have to go through a paid support process after which, if it's resolved to be a hardware issue, they supposedly will replace the device and refund the paid support fee. Don't quote me on that, but I think that was what the process resolves to. I guess if they can resolve it over the phone, you still have to pay the support fee.


          Initially, it looked like they might just leave you high and dry, hopefully that isn't the case, as there appear to be a lot more alternatives to Sling available now.

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              Thanks murphyslaww.  I think I'll give up now.  I bought the EyeTV stuff.  It captures and records U-Verse, speeds up iPhone/iPad conversions with a USB device that offloads processing, and has iPhone/iPad app that streams live (and over 3G) to multiple people at the same time.  I'm liking it even better than sling.

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              If your box is still under warranty, and you call us, a support agent will help to determine if it's a hardware issue. Yes, there is a pay-per-incident fee when you call for support outside of 90 days, but that fee is REFUNDED in full if it's determined that you have a manufacturer defect under the one-year warranty. If that's the case, we then ship you out a replacement - free of charge.


              Give us a call so we can help you out!