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    Solo Streaming SLOW all of the Sudden after Months of Success


      I'm using a new slingbox solo.  My box is located in Florida and I'm stationed in Germany.  If I watch using my Slingplayer for Mac, I can stream perfect at around 1800kbps.  However, a few weeks back, if I attempt to watch on through the web browser player, no matter what location I'm at.  I can only go as high as 250kbps.  Bottom line is no matter what my location or what computer I use, I can only stream up to 250kbps through the web player.  I have also logged onto my friends box through web-player and his works just fine.  This leads me to believe that either my box, or my router is limiting my ability to stream through the web-player, all without having done any updates that I can think of. This all began about 3 weeks ago and I have already reset the box and set-up.  I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.


      UPDATE...As of yesterday, My Slingplayer for Mac Also went to 300kbps and under.  Now I am basically unable to watch.  I also paid the 50$ support fee and they have no answers as of yet.  Anyone else having an all of the sudden change in their Solo remote vewing?

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          to start, you may want to contact your internet provider back home. they may be limiting your upload by placing a cap


          i had a similar problem - my box in Canada has an upload speed up to 4mb - i was watching content at about 1800-2000k but whenever i try to stream content during peak hours the speed would drop to 300k.

          they told me they had placed a cap and i was SOL.

          so now, i have to try and stream prior to 4pm and after midnight to get my original speed of 2000k


          hopefully you don't have my situation, but its a start

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              I am almost positive it is some type of cap from my ISP in Florida...I'm using brighthouse with RoadRunner internet service.   They tell my they dont have any firewalls.  Also, Something else that's very strange is that if I use a program called Hotshield, which basically makes it look at though I'm connected through a stateside IP address, then I can stream around 900kbs.  So basically something is limiting German IP addresses from slinging and upload speeds, very strange and I still haven't gotten to the bottom of it. 


              Let's get this figured out.

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              brad -- I'm having the same problem...unfortunately I don't have any answers for you.  My slingbox is in Pittsburgh and I'm living in Slovakia.  Mine streamed fine for 2 years (1000+), then all of a sudden it won't go over 300.  I continuously see "Downloading updates..." in the lower left hand "status" corner of the slingbox screen.  I'm going back to Pittsburgh for the holidays and plan on doing a complete reset/uninstall/install.  Note that I logged on to a friend's slingbox account on my same laptop and it instantly streamed to over 1,000.  I'm not an IT guy, but this tells me that the problem is either my slingbox unit or the "home" (USA) router.  Really confusing.

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                brad - did you get anywhere with this?


                I'm having a very similar fault. The Slingbox is connected to Brighthouse Networks Roadrunner service with a 5Mb upload speed. I'm viewing the slingbox in the UK where I have a 12Mb download. For it's first week or so of operation it was streaming great at ~2250kbps when viewed in the UK  ( I was able to view in HD quality) then all of a sudden it was cut back to 1250kbps and that is where it has remained

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                  I'm encountering the same problems with a Slingbox PRO HD. My box is located in Munich where I have an internet connection with 25 Mb downstream and 5 Mb upload. I am watching the stream in Moscow where I have a 16 Mb downstream. So far so good. During the last months the connection was pretty stable and I was able to watch HD quality witch an average stable bandwith of 4500 kbps (according to slingplayer).


                  Slingmedia has recently pushed a new firmware on the devices. From that moment I was not able to get more than 1800 to 3000 kbps. The speed is also fluctuating the whole time. I have tried to connect to my box from different locations and different computers and the result is always the same.


                  I had that issue once in the past, but after a router and slingbox reset the problem had gone. Now it doesn't change anything.


                  I have also called the slingmedia support in Germany to complain about the problem. The technician on the phone has established a connection to my box and encountered the same problem when having all settings in "automatic mode". After setting the streaming / connection speed manually to 4000kbps in the slingplayer software he was able to receive a stable stream.


                  To me it looks like it is a firmware problem.