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    Vertical Video Shifting gets worse with time


           1.     Is anyone else experiencing the video shifting up with time. What I mean by "with time" is that the longer the time the farther the video shifts up. The shifting that is taking place is similar to a TV of yesteryear where the vertical hold adjustment needed some attention. In the shift, the top has vertically shiffted to the bottom and the bottom is shifting upward. It happens in all three modes of display - It happens in Sling Player the Application and also on watch.slingbox.com whether it plays in the console or in a seperate window. I'd say it shifts at least a pixel every 5 to 10 minutes. This has been happening ever since I got the HD. Please see attachment for example of video shift.


           2.     I am also seeing a lot more freeze ups where the audio and video just freezes up and the only way to fix is to relaunch. Some times the stream stutters but most of the time it just freezes up and then its done. This doesn't happen in 3 to 5 minutes like the other posts are seeing. This is totally inconsistent and happens anytime.


      Thanks for any help!