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    Pro-HD Locked Up, Will Not Reset

    shollomon Newbie

      I have a 2 year old SB Pro-HD.  It sits by itself on a well ventilated shelf (no over heating).  Up until yesterday it was working fine, now it is locked up (arch lights all on, not blinking, power light on, no network light).  It does not respond to the reset button even when held for 4 or 5 minutes, it will not reset/reboot when the power plug is pulled, even if it is unplugged for more than an hour.  When powered on and in-line between the satellite box and TV, video is fine but there is no audio.


      Based on what I can find on these forums the likely problems is a bad AC adapter.  I run a lot of equipment that requires an AC adapter -- wireless routers, printers, switches, etc. -- and I have never had an AC adapter fail and produce the types of results I see.  Can this be right?  Do I need an new AC adapter (not from Sling according to comments here) or might this be something else entirely?