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    Bitrate Variation

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      Thank you again for your time and responses.

      The sling system either works really great or it is bad. I monitor the bitrate on my receiving end. It maxes out at about 5mbps and it drops as low as zero and drops the system. However, I can't find a clear pattern. It will be fine, then it slowly drops to as low (basic) bitrate for say 20 minutes and then it may work fine for an hour at HD bitrate or better.

      I have upload with an M2. (New August 2016). The M2 is connected with Ethernet. It is attached to a Spectrum (Time Warner Cable) Arris router. The speed is supposed to be 30 mbps down and 10 mbps up. If I use speedtest.net it is within these parameters. On the download end I have AT&T with an Arris AT&T router. In both cases I am renting the router. In the hope I have the latest and greatest firmware. A speedtest.net test shows my download speed of 13.72 mbps and 0.76 upload. This is at the receiving end of the sling signal. I am viewing the slingbox app with an Amazon fire stick. If I am watching the sling app and the bitrate drops to zero. I can switch to Netflix or anything else on my firestick and I can watch it in HD. I have no buffering of any type with any other app. At the point my bitrate drops to say 215kbps. I can take my sprint phone and access the slingbox app. The bitrate will be almost the exact same number using my sprint wireless network. I assume the fact that both networks, one wired and one wireless show the exact same bitrate, tells me the problem is not on the download  side of  the connection. In addition the firestick has flawless reception. This is my assumption. But I am not sure.

      Therefore, I think the issue is either the network, the upload router or the slingbox?

      I had a Spectrum tech come out and check the upload router yesterday. He said everything is fine, from his point of view.

      If I view my sling player on a laptop at the site of the slingbox, with wifi, I can get a bitrate of as high as about 9mbps. I assume this is due to the fact that I am going wireless from the router to the laptop and not out through the network.

      The best I have ever got at the download site is 5mbps. I assume since the posted upload speed is 10mbps, that this is about right. (About 50%). This would be fine if it would stay but it drops as low as zero. I kept a piece of paper by the television this weekend and recorded the bitrates and times. I was not able to find a pattern.

      I have dropped the firewall at the receiving end and nothing changed. At the upload router I have port forwarding 5001 and 5301. I even did forwarding at the download router site, same ports.

      I logged onto my receiving router and did a ping test to the IP address of  the slingbox, no problem. At least I did not see any. I then did a trace route and got the following:


      traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets

      1  108-86-188-1.lightspeed.mssnks.sbcglobal.net (  21.344 ms  20.020 ms 21.259 ms

      2 (  19.882 ms 18.882 ms  18.371 ms

      3 (  19.663 ms 21.223 ms  19.447 ms

      4 (  19.883 ms ( 21.833 ms  22.559 ms

      5  gar2.dlrtx.ip.att.net (  30.358 ms 33.492 ms  31.908 ms

      6  * *  *

      7 (  69.389 ms  71.946 ms 69.627 ms

      8 (  73.670 ms  68.696 ms 68.956 ms

      9 (  74.558 ms 72.398 ms  73.471 ms

      10 agg1.dllatxl301r.texas.rr.com (  76.760 ms 75.940 ms  *

      11  *  *  *

      12 agg1.kscymogp01h.kc.rr.com (  97.277 ms 93.874 ms  99.230 ms

      13  *  *  *

      14  *  *  *

      15  *  *  *

      16  *  *  *

      17  *  *  *

      18  *  *  *

      19  *  *  *

      20  *  *  *

      21  *  *  *

      22  *  *  *

      23  *  *  *

      24  *  *  *

      25  *  *  *

      26  *  *  *

      27  *  *  *

      28  *  *  *

      29  *  *  *

      30  *  *  *

      AT&T tech support said after 30 minutes. I need to pay for system support. I said I think I am showing you a problem. I then contacted Spectrum and they said it was AT&T. Then they both blame the sling player. It is a circular firing squad.

      In many ways I wish the slingbox was a dramatic failure, then I would just walk away. However, I know it has the ability to work at a very high level.

      The above trace route appears to me to show a problem at the RR location (RoadRunner, then Time Warner and now Spectrum). On hop #12 it did not finish the third time.

      Thank you for taking time to look this over.