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    Poor Quality - GREAT Internet pipes

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      So I've spent no less than 2 hours on this topic and looking over searches in the k-base.  First, let me say sling is HORRIBLE with their documentation and keeping it current.  They allow searchable content that is old and completely defunct and sends you down tangent of frustration with old, outdated suggestions.  So I'm researching results that no longer apply including how to find my firmware version and other items not obsolete.


      Anyway - What's wrong here?


      I'm an IT professional for 20 years.  Where my slingbox500 is located, I have a 136 meg down | 12 meg up consistent pipe with no issues for the 7 years I've had it.  ISP is a beast and never goes down, has issues, etc.  Inside that network, no one currently resides outside a person just surfing pages.  Slingbox 500 sits inside this network and is connected via an ethernet connection - yep, I've even made sure to remove it from Wifi to avoid those a/b/n/g/ac throughput issues. I've also gone into the router (Netgear R7000) and give the mac address of the slingbox high priority in both upload and download priority in QoS. I had port forwarding configured from an earlier slingbox solo too, but seeing how the 500 no longer needed this, I removed it - still nothing here but make it noted, I tried this from the earlier Slingbox Solo years.  No other fancy stuff in the network settings in any way.  Everything pretty much default and no flash upgrades of the router to some hack version stuff.


      So, I'm want to stream my video to my other location I live.  Where  want to watch - I get speedtest results consistent of 102 down and 10 up.  So two HUGE pipes here and solid ISPs.  This location doesn't have line noise or anything as I work from home without issues, can stream YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Kodi, Amazon Prime - whatever without any buffering, bandwidth, or quality issues.  Then comes Sling-player into the mix.


      I've tried the mobile apps (Hey Sling, condense these huh?  You have like 3 versions for android alone for tablets, the free version, and the old paid version - all with different app version numbers), iOS App, I've tried the slingplayer for windows, using Android Slingplayer with Chromecast, the windows 10 tiles app, and the Amazon App for the firestick - all the same issues.  Quality sucks when I try to use auto or set it to HD - chokes on itself.  With the pipes I have both ways - why am I getting "bandwidth capacity:  Poor" if I should dare try to select "Better, Best or HD" with the studders?  I can't even seem to get more than the "minimum".  I've tried giving my receiver devices mac address  QoS support this side high priority - nada. 


      I've pretty much isolated this down to The Sling box not being able to transmit at these higher promised and advertised quality settings.  Why?  All support articles you have to fix this are obsolete from 2011 or suggest it a "network" problem.  Sure - push your shortcomings on the user or their networks when all else fails right?  I'd call and PAY for customer support if they would promise to ONLY charge me if they fixed and solved the issue, but they take money up front before telling you its you (yeah - from a L1 helpdesk guy telling me its my ISP).



      So how about some non-deprecated, troubleshooting tips on this?  Or promise to contact me and TAKE my money on a paid support call if you can resolve this and I'll post here the GREAT fix for all to see and these forums can not stay neglected as the ******* stepchild since Sling only seems concerned with finding their SlingTv market shares and ignore their original primary products.