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    Set-up internet viewing with Sagem Livebox 2 FR


      My home router/ modem is a Sagem Livebox 2 FR provided by Orange in France who provide network services.  Sagem models are not listed in the set-up procedure and Orange provides no manual with the modem router and I cannot find a manual on Sagem's website for this router.


      The Livebox admin again to see if I can find anywhere that I can input the data.  There are three possible areas under the Advanced Settings (see 3 attached JPG files):


      1) NAT/PAT - this is the closest fit, but what application / Service do I need to select (e.g. HTTP, HTTPS, POP3, etc).  In addition the system states that  external port 5001 is invalid.


      2) DMZ


      3) Routing


      I can find nowhere else in the system that allows me to input data of the type required by the Slingbox.


      Should I set-up the Slingbox with a static internal IP address or leave this dynamic?


      Can anybody tell me how to set-up port forwarding manually with this router / modem?