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    Blackberry TORCH!!!!!


      Hi Slingbox,

      I've been search these forms and haven't found an answer.

      Will Slingbox mobile be available for the Blackberry Torch?

      Ever since I bought my Torch my Slingbox has been useless.

      I'm looking for a Yes or No answer and hopefully when. I know it's not on the supported device list, thats why I'm asking the question.

        • Re: Blackberry TORCH!!!!!

          Sorry, I can't offer an answer for you.  I recently moved from a Bold 9000 to a Torch 9800 as well, as my 9000 was beginning to fail and it is no longer available for purchase (I would have stayed with a 9000 if I had the choice).  I was able to transfer the app from my Bold to the Torch and it failed to run.  I removed the app and was able to download the latest Bold build and got it to install on the Torch.  After installation, it seems that the application performs a check to see what type of device it is running on and will not run when it sees the Torch.  It seems that it should be simple enough for Sling to modify the app to not check the device type and at least have the base functionality that was available on the Bold.  Sure, there may be problems, there likely won't be touch screen support, but at least then we can use our slingboxes again.  Please, Sling, look into doing this.  Your application appears to be artificially limiting the platforms on which it can run rather than simply trying to run as it should.  I can't even use my SlingBox from my portable computer that I can tether to my handheld as you don't offer support for Linux.