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    Slingbox Solo speed loss recovered by using VPN.



      I am a Canadian resident receiving streams from the UK...I recently suddenly lost the bitrate ...went from around 800 to Kbps to around 300.

      Its not a computer ,router or ISP issue but a routing path problem.The reason I arrive at this conclusion is because if I connect to the UK Slingbox

      using a US VPN the signal is back up to 800 ....the rate I had  before the problem arose.I have sent a copy of the tracert to my ISP hoping they can help.

      I just don't understand how this works.Could any body throw some light on this please?



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          Hi, lamian


          The following link will provide you with some information that might help you to fix this issue.


          Improving your remote viewing picture quality

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            I started getting a similar problem.  I used to get 2000 kbps in Switzerland from my slingbox in the US.  Last week, it dropped to 250.  After checking everything with my setup with no improvement, I was about to give up when I attempted connecting to my slingbox with my VPN enabled.  That brought me back to 1800kbps.  I have tried numerous times with and without the VPN and I always get a good data rate with the VPN and never do without it.  I'm not sure if it is my US or Swiss internet provider deliberately trying to slow my usage or just some freak routing path issue.  I'm not excited about having to send this much data through my personal VPN so I'd like to know what caused the drop.


            Sorry I couldn't be of any help other than to commiserate.

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                Thanks very much for this feedback.

                I am in Switzerland too and recently saw exactly the same problem. Slinging from HD Box in Japan, used to get 1500kbs easily, now no more than 200. I am at a loss too as to what caused the issue. Getting a VPN up and running between here and Japan is going to be a massive pain in the bum. You don't happen to be on Swisscom do you?


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                    I am indeed using swisscom. Can't say for sure but it sure seems like it is them. I have had people in the US connect to my slingbox without a problem which seems to eliminate my US uplink provider. I'm searching for friends to try a cablecom connection to see if it is any better but everyone I know has swisscom.


                    My VPN is from witopia and I know they have a Tokyo server. Might work for you also.


                    Good luck