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    Cable Setup


      So, I have a pretty normal setup - coax <-> HD DVR <-> HDMI TV


      Let me guess.


      I'm going to have to insert the SlingBox Pro HD in between the DVR and the TV.


      coax <-> HD DVR <-> Component Cables <-> Sling Box <-> More Component Cables <-> TV


      But since the Slingbox doesn't come with 2 sets of component cables I'm going to have to order some online.


      Did I get this right?  I don't know if I ordered the wrong Slingbox, but what's the rationale to not supporting HDMI or DVI?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Not necessarily.   Does your DVR have a second set of outputs ?   You could plug these into the Slingbox.   Although one word of warning, if you use the HDMI connection to the TV, many devices block any other HD output so you would not be able to use the component outputs.


          It should also have an SD output you can use for the Slingbox. 


          But if you really need an HD output to your Slingbox then your solution is possibly the only one.


          And the rationale behind not supporting HDMI is quite logical, with the HDCP protection system now being built into most A/V devices it would not make sense.

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              jimfitzgerald Apprentice

              I have HDMI from my cable box to tv and component cables from cable box to Slingbox.  It works because everything is HDCP compliant. 

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                So, yes I do "really need an HD connection" to my slingbox, because I'll ulitimately be viewing this on an HD projector with an 102" screen.  I'll have to try it a few ways.  I just don't like being forced to revert to a substandard interface to support a remote access device.


                Okay - so I don't want to start a component cable quality v. HDMI quality argument, but HDMI is easier to cable, easier to find and installed a broader array of devices... new devices at least.  That's my experience.  Why not just go 100% HDMI?  It would reduce to footprint of the inputs.  You plug it in.  It works.


                Thanks for the answers.