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    Problems with Slingbox Classic after changing to BTHome Hub Router

    alanrichey42 Master

      It's a bit embarrassing, as I normally post answers on this forum as a supposed expert, but I now have a problem I cannot fathom and need some expert help.


      I have 3 Slingboxes running in my home, a Classic, a Solo and a Pro-HD.   Everything was running beautifully until I switched ISPs to British Telecom and changed my router to a BTHome Hub.   Everything on the local viewing and the LAN is fine, the problem is with remote viewing.


      Now you cannot set this router up automatically in the Slingplayer setup as it does not use the concept of a username, just an access password, so I had to do the Port Forwarding myself.  The settings I had were nice and easy:


      Pro-HD     Port 5002

      Solo     Port 5001

      Classic     Port 5000


      So I followed the instructions at http://www.filesaveas.com/bthomehub_portforwarding.html for port forwarding, which actually use the Slingbox as their example, opening the 3 ports for both TCP and UDP protocols.   I then carried out the setup routine for Internet viewing in Slingplayer and WebSlingPlayer, but both of them failed to finish after the testing routine, simply telling me to setup the router manually and try again.


      I also checked http://www.canyouseeme.org/ and it could not see ports 5000, 5001 or 5002, which led me to believe the port forwarding was not working correctly.


      However, my daughter tells me that she can happily remotely log into the Solo and the Pro-HD and watch them, but if she tries to access the Classic it fails to connect.   So my questions are:


      1.  Is there a techical reason why the Solo & Pro-HD work OK, but the Classic does not ?   (I've seen discussions on SNATT vs TCP so wondered if the newer boxes are using an alternative system to connect that bypasses the port TCP/UDP ?)   Although the 'forwarding' aspect must be  working correctly otherwise my daughter would not be able to see the  Pro-HD and the Solo.


      2.  Is there something else I should be doing to the BTHome Hub to finish off Port Forwarding that isn't in those instructions.

      I should add I am running Vista SP2 and McaFee ant-virus with Windows firewall turned off, but have made no chnages to any settings as everything was fine on my older NetGear router.


      Be grateful for any suggestions