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    Is there a remote for the Tiscali TV plus box - Made by Telsey?


      This box could possibly have formerly been known as, or be similar to, a Homechoice box. The model number on the back is ST HD4L 1E 63 VDN. This is a black box with rounded corners and a large, square green light on the front and is a recording, plus box.


      I feel sure that quite some time ago, when I was first thinking about getting a slingbox and downloaded the software out of interest, I found this box and remote model but I am damned if I can find it now, I may be mistaken though.


      I am able to use the 'basic cable' remote to operate some of the features on my box but cannot use the PVR functions as the 'Record' button is greyed out. I would be very grateful for any help available, as you can imagine now finally having bought the slinbox pro but not being able to use it is torture! 


      My box and remote are identical to those below other than mine has no green printing on either.