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    Roadrunner / Throttling / Glasnost / Slow Solo


      I have a slingbox solo. It worked pretty good until this week. Then the trouble started. Slow operation, freezing. This has been thoroughly described in many posts.

      The box is on the Telus network in Vancouver, and the player has been all over the place. The trouble began exactly when we started on the Roadrunner ISP in La Quinta California.


      So to diagnose I did the following:

      Poached the neighbour's Verizon wireless. -worked fine.

      Went to Starbucks (AT&T?) -Worked fine

      Back to Roadrunner: Slow, freezes

      Back up to Vancouver and run it over the home network: Runs fine.

      Family members in California say that the sling player there is still unuseable when used with the roadrunner internet.


      I have come to the conclusion that the Roadrunner ISP is the problem. I think that they are up to something that they will not admit. (4 or so talks with their support, it is a bit better, but still unuseable.)

      Now, it is possible that Roadrunner is not messing with the traffic. So maybe I am accusing them for nothing. Or maybe it is the modem/wifi router that they supplied. I don't have the skills to diagnose that, or at least the time to spend on it.


      A lot of you who are having slingbox problems should be looking hard at your ISP. A misbehaving ISP is much more credible than a misbehaving capacitor. At least try on different networks and see if things change.


      OK, that said, I have discovered that there is a software project called glasnost that ferrets out the ISP misbehaviour so that they cannot deny it. The problem is that I don't have the knowledge to set this up and run it or the time to figure it out. However, I bet the sling engineers with their giant brains do.


      From what I have seen, I bet that diagnosing network problems would eliminate 75% or more of problems of this nature. Hey Dana / Sling people / smart network guy user here, can you get a glasnost app up or at least a faq about how your technology works so that we can hold our ISP's feet to the fire. Or something.


      Because the first Roadrunner tech told me to call up Sling and complain to you. And do you want to get blamed for their misbehaviour?

      BTW I'm Greg not Dave.