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    Slingbox compatible with SDV and two-way signals?


      I don't know if this is the correct section of the forum so I'll post it in 2 sections.

      I have a Slingbox PRO HD.  I has been working great for 2 years now.  Recently Time Warner Cable switched over to SDV programming which uses a two-way signal.  I also have a HD Tivo that I use.

      When they announced that they are switching over to SDV programming, they also announced that HD Tivo users would need a tuning adapter to get new channels as well as some existing ones.  I got the tuning adapter and have it hooked up to my Tivo with Slingbox as an intermediary.  Adapter --> Slingbox --> HD Tivo.  Problem is, the adapter will not work when it is hooked up to the slingbox as opposed to going straight into the Tivo.

      I still want to use my Slingbox.  What can I do?