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    Sling Player interferes with Google Docs!


      Have noticed a nasty interaction between Spreadsheets in Google Docs and the Sling Player.


      Cells in Google Docs will inexplicably clear their content and open for edit without any interaction at all.  This would not be a Sling problem except that the problem only manifests when Sling Player is running while the spreadsheet is open!  This happens to the cell with the focus after about 5-10 seconds. Turning off Sling Player makes this problem go away.

      Turning Sling Player back on makes this problem come back (only while the player is operational).


      More details are available at the post on Google's help forum here.



      Does anyone else use Sling Player and also Google Docs Spreadsheets, and if so do you see this problem when both are running?


      Sling Media - Users who see this problem will need to shut down Sling Player in order to use Google Spreadsheets.  This seems like a serious problem that should be looked into. Thats the only workaround so far for this. Hope you can reproduce and fix the problem.


      I'm using -

      OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

      PC: HP p6577c (brand new quad core desktop)