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    SlingBox not being located




      I've had my slingbox for about a year.  I recently switched from time warner to fios and now have a new router and everything.  The slingbox prior to the switch had problems trying to update to the new software and would not let me stay connected for more then a few minutes.


      Anyway now when i try setting it up after switching the slingplayer won't even recognize that the slingbox is connected to the network.  I'm unsure what to do - everything is def plugged in correctly and both the power light and the network like are on.  I have tried resetting it, turning it on and off, resetting the router and nothing works.  I even checked to make sure the router works as i plugged a laptop in it just to make sure it would work.


      I'm so frustated i almost threw the slingbox accross the room.


      PLEASE HELP!!!