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    sling player for pc

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      Why is the sling player for PC such a miserable piece of software to work with?  I have had a slingbox 500 for 3 years and a "legacy" model for 6 years before that.  One of the wonderous updates caused my 500 to crash, so it had to be re setup.  After a struggle, I can get the Ipad players to work, but the PC slingplayer just goes in an "initializing" loop and keeps want to reset everything.


      I'd try for support, but I will be damned if I am going to pay $30 to fix a problem created by Sling's wonderful "improvements".  Is this just a scam to extract more money?


      Does it really have to be made so hard?  Don't you folks care about us poor end users? What was so wrong with viewing on my web browser? You are ruining a once great product.


      I used to recommend slingboxes to everyone.  Can't any more.