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    No Slingboxes.


      I am trying to setup Slingplayer mobile on my Droid X but it says that there are no Slingboxes in my Sling Account.


      What's that suppose to mean????


      What is a slingbox?????


      Will not let me go pas this point. No help anywhere---online or on my Droid-X. What do I do now????

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          Um... since you stated you don't know what a slingbox is; you obviously don't have one. Slingplayer only works on PC(s), Mac(s) or cell(s) if you have a slingbox conencted to your a/v gear at your home location connected to a broadband connection. If you don't have all of the above, then you can not use the slingplayer app nor is there any need to for that matter.


          Sling player allows for the control of your conencted audio/video equipment which by nature requires a slingbox. 

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            I have the same problem with my Droid X and I have a sling adapter.  What do I get the same  message that there aren't any sling boxes in my sling account.