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    How do we revert to previous version of Slingplayer?

    AccessTOC Newbie

      With the recent pushed Slingplayer update for Windows browsers about 2 weeks ago, seems that a few things are now broken and causing unreliability issues. When called SB Tech support, they advised to install Desktop Slingplayer, but seems to have the same issues. We have over 60 Slingboxes (HD Pro, 350 & 500), being monitored by at least 9 work stations.


      Desktop OS - W7 and W10

      Browsers Used - Chrome, IE and Firefox

      Also use tried Desktop Slingplayer


      Current (broken) version:

      Slingplayer Desktop Version


      Web App Version


      Player Plugin Version



      How do I revert/downgrade to previous Slingplayer?

      Anyone got any ideas?