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    Unable to control remote #2 on Dish VIP722 using slingbox solo


      I read a previous detailed post on this very problem, however, it did not solve my problem.


      To restate the problem: I have a dish vip722 box which has 2 remotes. Remote #1 is IR and Remote #2 is RF and IR (so it says). Using the two remotes allows for different shows to be watched at the same time.


      I want to use slingbox to control Remote 2. I followed the instructions on changed the remote channels in the Dish box, to ensure that remote 1 is on address 1 and remote 2 is on address 2, however, after trying ALL of the setting for all the dish boxes (including the generic channel settings) from the slingbox setup menu, I am still unable to control remote 2. There is no problem controlling remote 1.


      I even tried changing the remote 2 to 3, 4, 5, 6 all with now success.


      Then I tried putting remote 1 on address 2 and remote 2 on address 1, and still the sling box will only control remote 1. There was not 1 of the hundreds of combinations I tried where remote 2 was controllable from the slingbox.


      Can someone advise me on what I may be doing incorrectly that prevents me from controlling remote 2? Or perhaps someone has a remote_code fix for this.


      Thank you

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          With more research I figured out the answer.


          The dish UHF (RF) remote will NOT transmit IR signal to the vip722. It is called RF/IR because it WILL transmit IR signal to other devices (TV, DVD, etc).


          In order to make the sling box work on channel 2 of the vip722 it is necessary to buy a conversion kit.


          Here is a link that explains what has to be done.




          There is no other way to control channel 2 (only) from the slingbox.

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              I purchased the converter you linked to a while back, but had little luck getting it to work. BUT I was trying to get TV1 and TV2 to work with my HD-Pro. This is not achievable - correct? I think you can only get TV2 on the SlingBox and let TV1 be for use at the actuall TV hooked up to it.



              Has anyone got TV1 and TV2 to work as separate inputs on a SlingBox Pro-HD?

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                  Hi, tedbone


                  Keep in mind that the Slingbox will work only with the Infra Red signal (IR). This means that if you try to hook it up with the RF signal, it will not work.

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                      SRALPH Newbie

                      It actually is possible to have a single Slingbox control both TV1 and TV2 inputs of a Dish dual tuner receiver.  The TV2 IR converter from Dish allows the TV2 input on several Dish receivers (the dual tuner models that have the TV2 input controlled by UHF) to be controlled with an IR remote control - or Slingbox.   It has several applications actually, such as simply controlling a remote TV that is no where near the receiver with an IR remote instead of the UHF remote.


                      I have a Slingbox Pro with the HD connector adaptor, a BellTV 9242 receiver (which is just a rebranded Dish unit) and a Logitech Harmony 900 remote control.  My receiver box has two inputs built in, TV1 controlled by IR and TV2 controlled by a UHF/IR combination remote.  The Dish converter is connected as follows - short coaxial cable from the antenna input of the receiver to a coaxial splitter, UHF antenna attached to one side of the splitter, Dish TV2 IR converter box attached to the other side of the splitter.  The Dish TV2 IR converter has an IR receiver eye hardwired to it, or it can be wired directly to the IR blaster input on the Slingbox if you only want to control the TV2 input of your receiver with your Slingbox.  As this wire replaces the IR emitters on the Slingbox you cannot control any other device if you use this method of connecting.  I wanted to be able to control both TV1 and TV2 with my Slingbox as seperate inputs so I connected the IR emitters to the Slingbox and the IR receiver eye from the TV2 IR converter.


                      The TV1 setup is basically vanilla Slingbox - position one IR blaster in front of the receiver IR inputs.  TV1 input is connected to my Slingbox using the component (Red/Blue/Green) wires and the composite audio connections (Red/White) using the HD connection adaptor from Slingbox.  For TV2, my Slingbox is connected using composite video (Yellow) and audio (Red/White).  I positioned one of the Slingbox IR emitters in front of the IR receiver eye from the Dish TV2 IR converter.  I used a small electronics project box and some double sided tape to house and secure the IR emitter in line with the IR receiver and attached this box to the back of my cabinet.


                      Now, the following tricks are where I think most people get the setup wrong.  First, the TV2 input must be setup on the Dish receiver to use remote address 1, and TV1 must be set to any remote address other than 1.  This requires that all your Dish receiver remote controls be reset accordingly as well, so get part that working prior to trying to sort out the Slingbox setup or programming a universal remote like the Harmony.  Consult your Dish manual to see how that is done.  I recommend using remote address 2, 3 or 4 for TV1 as these exist already in the library on the Slingbox setup wizard.  I found that I had to manually program my Harmony to use the correct IR commands for TV1 on remote address 4 by using the Dish IR remote, blasting directly into the Harmony remote while setting up.  But that's a post for a different forum.  Also, I set the dip switches on the TV2 IR converter to the 2 position and A positions, as I am controlling TV2 and used band A on my existing TV2 remotes.


                      Finally, I have 3 other TV's and a projector in my house that all access the TV2 feed from my receiver through the coaxial wiring of my home.  I still control these using the Dish UHF remotes but they all had to be reset to use remote address 1 as this is the setting that was necessary for the TV2 IR converter.  On my Slingbox, TV1 appears as one video source, TV2 appears as another input source and both may be controlled by the Slingbox.  And it works!


                      Edit:  Found this video on YouTube that might help as well.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTPApn3vTww


                      The second example involves a Slingbox, though they show removing the IR emitters from the Slingbox in favour of the IR connection cable.  All I did was use the IR sensor and line that up with one of the Slingbox emitters.