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    Just hooked up Sling ProHD,but will not work correctly!


      I just set up the software on my MAC! The problem is that I can change channels, power up the box, but I do not see audio or video!


      Can it be the way i have the Scientific Atlanta DVD Explorer 8300HD box hooked up? The HDMI output of the box is going to my receiver. The input of the Sling is L/R audio and the video is hooked up component from the Cable Box to the sling! I get no video or audio! PLEASE,any ideas? Does this have anything to do with copy protection on the Cablevision box possibly?


      just some additional info! On the MAC screen it reads "WEAK OR NO SIGNAL DETECTED! Like I said, can change channels power etc but can not see or hear anything through SLING! THANK YOU




      So just on a hunch, I disconnected the HDMI output from the cable box to my TV, and there it was, worked fine, but If the box will not allow an HDMI cable pugged as well as COMPONENT, how do I watch my TV then??