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    Two simple questions


      When my Satillite is turned off at home, the sling remote will not turn it on.  If the TV is on. it will work properly.   I have not changed anything in the past year but have been having problems the last two months.


      Second, the remote I show in set up is not the Dish 622 control that I have at home.  I am trying to find the way to update the remote but the instructions  tell me to go to Slingbox, Remote Control and Custom but the only option there comes up Custom17 but doesn't let me do anything.


      Can anyone help with either of these problems?  Much appreciated.

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          Hi, fqap


          The issue you are dealing with is that you have the DishNetwork 622 dual tuner box. If you cannot control the Slingbox, this means that you will need to check the connections on the back of your satellite receiver.


          Since you have a dual tuner box, you must connect the Slingbox to the TV option designed for IR (Infra Red) signal. The other TV option (RF) is the one that must be connected to the TV set.


          Once you make these adjustments, you will be able to control your Slingbox without affecting to home viewers.