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    No Network light on Slingbox pro.


      I have a Slingbox Pro which the network light went dark.  It will not  reset.  I work in IT and have tried getting on 3 different routers, but  NO network light.  After reading other posts I purchased a new power  supply right from Sling.  Still no change.  Any suggestions now????

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          Having the same issue.  We used this thing only a couple of times, and now it's dead after the software updated the firmware.


          Perhaps you can try connecting the Slingbox directly to your computer with a crossover cable, and see if you can get any connectivity.


          But typically, I've found that in cases where the network light never turns on, the box is dead.  You can try Slingbox tech support, but you might as well buy a new box.

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            same issue they want 29.00 before u can talk to a sup to compain about them trying to get 29.00 out of you i did talk to someone last week they told me power cord i was stupid, wasted money on a dead slingbox anyone want a new ac adapter how about a sling box with less than 2 mos of use and a dead ehternet port huge waste of money im ordering my hava asap worst customer i have ever expierienced from slingbox and that says alot coinsidering i have mediacom (for those who dont know, worst cable co. of all time)

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                I have the exact same problem - I bought the slingplayer iPhone app, which worked for about 30 seconds. Now the network light isn't on and I cannot connect to my Slingbox.


                My Slingbox was 2 weeks out of warranty at the time of the failure, and I was told there was no means to repair it. So I have wasted money on the app and have a Slingbox that's not even useful as a doorstop.


                This is my 3rd Slingbox (1st one had the same network problem, second one didn't work out of the box). I don't think I'll be wasting my money on another one as they're not fit for purpose.

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                Have the same problem here since 11/20, i use the slingbox every day, and now no network, no reset, where are the support???? I will not spend 299 on a product without support....i want a solution asap.

                If a moderatr read this and have a solution please emailo me at ryogames@hotmail.com

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                  Hi Cimb95 and All,


                  If you are still having this issue with the Slingbox PRO and you already performed all the steps that we have here


                  Slingbox PRO - Networking


                  I suggest that you Contact Sling Media Technical Support