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    Internet Explorer forced to close?


      After 30 seconds or so, system will freeze up and then windows says that Internet explorer forced to close.  When I checked windows help, it says that it has to do with streaming data security, dep.  Windows says to add it to the list of programs that can be bypassed or check to see if their is a download that includes it in the program.  Anyone else experiencing this?

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          Hello skyking13,


          Try resetting your IE settings back to default. This removes all  changes that have been made to Internet Explorer since it was installed, allowing you to start over fresh with IE. This does not delete your favorites.


          To do this, follow these  steps:

          1. Close all Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer windows.
          2. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
          3. In Control Panel, open Internet Options.
          4. Click the Advanced tab, and then click Reset.
          5. In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, click Reset.
          6. When Internet Explorer finishes restoring the default settings, click Close, and then click OK two times.
          7. Close Internet Explorer, and then reopen it. The changes take effect the next time that you open Internet Explorer.


          Keep in mind that this will delete any add-ons that you have, so you'll need to reinstall any add-ons if you want them back.


          Hope this helps!




          IE Outreach Team

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            Hi Skyking13


            We would like to know if the information provided here was helpful or if the issue persisted.


            Let us know about your results.



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              Both Firefox and IE on my home PC have this issue.  I've reset both IE per the suggestion above and reset my Slingbox with no success.


              The crash occurs almost immediately after installing the Slingbox addon, when I navigate to the watch.slingbox.com page.

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                I was having the same issue.  I reset the IE like Cassandra suggested and that did the job.  Thanks for your input.

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                  I'm having the exact same issue and it happened ever since I had to upgrade the sling software.

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                      I'm having the same exact problems on both IE 8 and Firefox 4 (or 3.6 which I also tried) installed on my PC with Vista Home Premium. I can't seem to solve it in any way. Problems started when slingbox prompted to update the addon...from then on, the browser will crash everytime I try to watch the slingbox remotely through watch...come on slingbox...address this issue!

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                      I am forced to    Install SlingBox addon.  It seems to install, but I cannot watch TV.  Keeps coming back having to download the Sling Bos active x agaian and again


                      Cannot get into watch anything

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                        May 9, 2011 5:15 PM

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                        Re: Internet Explorer forced to close?


                        Hi. I'm having the same problem as Pags. After a few minutes of viewing my HD-Pro with the plug-in, Internet Exporer closes with same message that Pags documented in his May 7 post. Initially, it closed with the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) message. I tried changing the DEP settings and now IE closes just without the DEP message, and gives suggestions like disabling add-ons. Tried disabling all add-ons, but that didn't work either.


                        I have tried everything from resetting IE, upgrading to IE8 and 9, but same results. I tried resetting slingbox, unplugging the power, resetting the router, clearing everything and reinstalling the plug-in, but nothing has worked.  One interesting thing I noticed was when I re-installed the plug-in and went through all the configurations for internet viewing, on more than one occasion, my computer was running in protected-mode OFF and I never changed anything...it just happened. Another thing is that sometimes the Sling will stop (when its not closing IE) and Sling will have a message that says either Slingbox closed from an error OR Sling stopped working, make sure I am set up for remote viewing and that no firewall/NAT issues are preventing it from connecting. When I reconnect, ultimately within 5 minutes or so IE will close. Also, closes in Firefox btw.


                        Its real frustrating because until recently, I was able to view it fine with no problems. I should mention that I switched cable boxes, now with TIVO through RCN cable with new router that Sling says has been configured properly, though its not one on the list.


                        As for downloading SlingPlayer Desktop, thats not really working well either. It freezes often and is constantly optimizing instead of streaming.



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                            Okay...after a late night lamenting over the Celtics and Slingbox, I think i have it figured out.


                            1. The IE forced to close issue.  Though I hesitate to say I have resolved the issue, for fear of jinxing myself, I know how frustating it is not knowing. These forums have been mostly helpful and shed a great deal of light on ALL the issues my fellow Slingers face, After trying everything, the last thing that worked was from a post on the Sling forums:


                                Power off Modem, Router, and Slingbox. Wait 30 seconds. Then power on Modem. Wait again...then power on Router. Wait again and power on

                                Slingbox...I then reset my Slingbox HD-Pro. Then I rebooted my laptop and unistalled the Active X Sling Plug-In. Re-booted again...then re-installed

                                Sling on Watch Sling (plug-in). Now it seems to be working fine.


                            2. Slingplayer Desktop/Laptop download 2.0 http://support.slingbox.com/go/windows-download-desktop-us  A few folks suggested this download and program as an alternative to the WATCH SLING ( see above) from anywhere, if you wanted to watch TV etc from your own desktop or laptop. I tried it and I had severe connectivity issues..it connected okay, but the "stream" kept OPTIMIZING, choppy picture, then freeze, then work., then freeze...just all over the place. Thought it was my connection, played with the router settings...frustration that even this would not work. However,


                               Again, thanks to another area of this huge forum of Slingbox users, I think I found my issue. Plain and simple, too much HEAT. And I don't mean

                               LeBron and D-Wade! Another poster suggested that my Slingbox was "overheating" which caused it to stay in the Optimizing mode and freeze etc.

                               Sure enough, because of a recent media center purchase, I thought I could put the Modem on top of the Slingbox. So I moved the Modem off the

                               Slingbox. In addition, upon another posters advice, I lifted,raised the Slingbox abit. This has seemed to do the trick. I plan on also purchasing a small

                               fan to place in the compartment that houses my Modem, Router and Slingbox.


                            Not sure if this solves anyone's problems, but if your like me, troubleshooting gives me hope.

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                            Try making sure that the encryption on every piece of equipment is on the same wave length.  If WPA then everything on WPA. if WPA PSK, then the same.  Also, there is a AES or TKIP and they must be the same for all.  I have a Cisco WET610N wireless bridge and it too must be the same configuration.  The slingbox tech rep had me hook the slingbox directly into the router and then from my computer run the setup.  When we got to video then I plugged every thing back together and it worked.  Make sure you hit the reset prior to plugging into the router.  I spent days on this until I figured out the encryption.  If you need to use Slingbox tech reps, it is worth it.  They will stay on line till it is working and they are very courteous.  I do have the Slingbox HD-Pro.  Love it.