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    Slow Bitrate remote viewing


      I have been doing a lot of research on here and other sites. I have a slingbox solo, mac book pro/ laptop pc, linksys router, sling links.  I am having slow bitrates ( mid 200's) when i remote view. I have tried the desktop version and web version on mac, web version on pc with the same results. I tried to use both wireless, and hardline connections.  I tried to check/change the port forwarding but it did not help. I reset my slingbox a couple of times after that, along with doing new set ups for the desktop versions. I am getting 1000-2000 bitrates when i connect locally. I also sometimes get a lag between audio and video. i did a test of the remote view internet connection and it seems fine.


      « SpeedGuide.net TCP Analyzer Results »  Tested on: 11.15.2010 04:43  IP address: 173.196.xxx.xxx  Client OS: Mac OS    TCP options string: 020405b4010303030101080a1bbea0050000000004020000  MSS: 1460  MTU: 1500  TCP Window: 524280 (NOT multiple of MSS)  RWIN Scaling: 3 bits (2^3=8)  Unscaled RWIN : 65535  Recommended RWINs: 64240, 128480, 256960, 513920, 1027840  BDP limit (200ms): 20971kbps (2621KBytes/s) BDP limit (500ms): 8388kbps (1049KBytes/s)  MTU Discovery: ON  TTL: 52  Timestamps: ON  SACKs: ON  IP ToS: 01000000 (64)      Precedence: 010 (immediate)     Delay: 0 (normal delay)     Throughput: 0 (normal throughput)


      my viewer stats


      ave bitrate 0-251

      video bitate 92-250

      reso 320 x 240

      29.97 stream

      render frame is 27

      i frame is 4.37-8

      frames skipped 35 over 6 minutes


      stream buff is 5%

      precharge is 265%

      play speed is 100%


      Any suggestions ?

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          update, i updated my firmware on my router. i made sure the port forwarding is to both. i set up the Qos to priority.  i get wild varying bitrates on my home network. it goes from 300 and climbs to 3000 then goes back down or kick me off.  remote is holding steady around 280 on both mac and pc..   anyone ?

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              I am having the exact same issue.  I had no issues for months after purchasing the Solo and watching remotely overseas.  I normally would stream around 1800kbs average remotely.  About three weeks ago, streaming via the webplayer began to max out at 250kbs. I also logged on from other locations using PC's and other ISP's.  No matter where I was, I could no longer stream above 250kbs.  The strange thing about it was that my Destop Slingplayer for Mac would work just as fine as always streaming around 1800kbs.  Starting yesterday, that quit as well.  I can no longer stream above 250kbs no matter where I attempt to do so.  Please help.  This is either a box issue with remote veiwing overseas or something else as I've tried from many locations to no avail.  I have also paid the $50 for customer service and they have yet to come up with a solution.