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    Network connection not working


      Have had my Solo for about 2 years now and love it.  While away recently, i was unable to connect to my slingbox.  When I arrived home, I discovered that the networking light was blinking on and off slowly.  I tried a full reset, but no help.  I tried power off and then on after a few seconds, but also no good.  I then powered down my router and after full reboot, still no good on the Solo.  The Slingbox apparently is not seeing the network.  I then thought it might be the ethernet cable and so I changed to a known good cable and still the same indication.  I read somewhere that it could be a power supply.  Is that possible?  Power is getting to the Solo so I'm not sure that is it.  Please someone help me get this back up and running.  I travel a lot and really depend on it to stay in touch with home events.  Thanks,