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    General issues with Windows Phone and DirecTV

    robbr Newbie

      A couple of issues I have noticed realted to DirecTV and Windows Phone software.  Many DirecTv channels require you to use a "-" when you enter local OTA channels or part time HD channels.  In the current software there is no way to enter the dash when needed.  Whereas in the iPod Touc/Phone software you can enter a dash when needed.  Hopefully Sling takes care of this in an update.  The other thing I miss still............to be able to program my own favortie channels.  This was something on the first few vesions of Windows software but has disapeared over the last upgrades and I have not seen it at all in iPod versions.  Please bring back the favorites Sling!!!  I am now the owner of 4 Slingboxes because I had to upgrade one my Pro to a Solo so I could view it on my Windows Phone.