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    Very hard to use with Scientific Atlanta DVR/iPhone 3G


      The layout of the remote screens make it extremely useful for me to use SlingPlayer to control my Scientific Atlanta DVR. Specifically, the Info button is so hard to get to, that I can't use it.


      The way the SA box works is that if you want to see information about the current program, you have to hit info twice, once to see the name/time of the program, and a second time to see its description. SlingPlayer puts the info button in the "All" category/tab of the remote buttons, a few swipes away from the initial screen. When you finally do find it the button, pressing it takes you to the D-Pad control! And by the time I get back to it again, the info panel on the DVR has timed out, and I'm back to square one again!


      Can I please put in a request to have the info button on the D-Pad screen? That's where it would be most useful!


      Also, the initial screen for the "All" category/tab has most of its buttons as duplicates of the "DVR" tab. That seems like a waste, since it means that you pretty much have to swipe to another screen for any button you're actually looking for.