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    Some UK DTV channels -no video- slingplayer only, web watch ok


      I just got a UK pro-hd and althought aritenna channel DTV scan is ok, I cannot view SOME of the DTV channels using slingplayer.<>pro-hd

      The channels that do not work are  10,12,13,14 17,18 and 20.  The player shows message 'Weak or no video signal detected'


      The strange thing is that these same channels on the same slingbox are viewable using the http://watch.slingbox.com/watch/sling_player application.


      I also have a classic which I have had for some years, no pb on any DTV UK freeview channels on that.


      I am on the laatest pro-hd firmware and slingplayer for windows app.


      Anybody any ideas ?