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    Slingbox Networking Issues REALLY STRANGE




      So this is what has transpired:


      1. Noticed my slingbox would not connect at all. Network light on front was always off. I tried holding reset for 30+ seconds disconnecting everything and reconnecting etc... nothing would solve it.  Verified that my router was OK and 5001 port is open etc...


      2. On the advise of these forums I got a new adapter in hopes that this was the issue....it did not solve the issue. All the same issues as before.


      3.  Got a replacement PRO HD (refurbished) sent out to me as it is under the 1 year warrantee.  I plugged it in with the 2nd power adapter I received and the network light was ON!!!.....I was able to locate it during the setup.  It had to go through a rather long upgrade then everything went smoothly like it did when I first set-up my new slingbox.


      Now the interesting part....


      4.  Being curious I replaced my original power adapter with the 2nd one they sent me to see if there were any issues with it.....it worked fine and there were no issues.


      5. I decided for, for giggles, to plug my old slingbox in for one last time just to see what happened.....and.....magically the network light lit up and I was able to locate it as "unconfigured"!?!?!?!  It had to go through the long upgrade process and then it set-up smooth as well.




      1.  Why would adding a second box, then connecting my old box all of a sudden fix this issue?

      2.  I do not recall seeing an upgrade on my original box like these ones I had here? Could this be the issue? eg/ I missed upgrades on my original that made it impossible to locate it??

      3.  What should I do now? Send back the 2nd refurbished unit from sling and keep my original that I bought brand new, or, give them my original and keep their refurb unit that I have no idea what was originally wrong with it? either way the year warrantee only applies from my original new unit's date.


      Orignal Specs:


      Jan 2010

      S/N: R29091004584

      Cable/internet: Rogers (Ontario, Canada)

      Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD cable box

      Cable Modem/Router (in one): SMC8014W-G



      Any thoughts out there!?