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    Components needed?


      Can someone please verify the component required to set up sling box solo to stream to my iPad?  My current set up is:


      In my office:

      Computer with windows vista

      Multi-port wifi router/modem

      Internet connection


      In my lounge:


      Digital Sat receiver with RCA output

      NO PHONE CONNECTION and too far to run a cable to my computer


      What I think I need is:

      Sling player on my pc

      Slingbox Solo to connect to my sat receiver

      SlingLink to connect to slingbox solo to transmit video to my office

      Another sling link in my office to receive video from the one in my lounge and this in turn connected to my router


      And, the new sling player mobile app for my iPad


      Can someone verify if this is correct and has anyone attempted this setup yet using an iPhone or iPad?

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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

          That's what you need, but the IPad app has not yet been released.

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              Thanks, Jim.


              Yea, I am aware of the upcoming release.  That is why I am inquiring now.  I am seriously considering purchasing the equipment and want all my little duckies in a row before I do.  As I understand it, the iPhone slingplayer will work in the mean time, although at a lower bit rate and smaller display area.


              Have you used this set up on an iPhone? Is it costly on bandwidth?

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                  dbsguy Apprentice

                  Again I can verify that your list is all you need; however you do NOT need to purchase (2) slinglinks, as they are sold in a packaged set which is all you will need.


                  The iPhone sling player will infact run on the iPad; however it will need to be ran in iPhone compatibility mode and thus isn't optimized for the iPad in terms of resolution or stream rate.


                  Also a reminder that each app comes at a cost of $29.99. If you get the iPhone app now, you will need to purchase the iPad app when it comes out they way they have their sales model in effect.


                  In tyerms of bandwidth; the iPhone app is capped at a max rate of 500kbps. Doing the math, that equivelates to 5GB for every 21+ hours or so......

                  The iPad app is supposed to have a much higher resolution thus I couldn't tell you how much bandwidth it would take until it's release.

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                      Thank you, dbsguy, I did not realize there were two slinglinks in the box.  That makes my decision much easier to swallow.  Lol. And thank you again for mentioning the cost of the iPhone app.  I will wait to get the app until the iPad app is released and just pay the fee for that one.


                      Any word, guestimate, on when it might be released, other than "soon"?

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                  Thanks for your help guys, I've just completed purchase of my slingbox solo and slinglink and am anxiously awaiting release of the iPad app.