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    Slingbox Pro HD Audio and Video out of sync


      Does anyone else have a solution for this issue? None of the solutions suggested here work for me.


      Anything that I watch on my SB either with the Slingbox Player or the web site the audio progressively gets ahead of the video!!!


      Someone has to have answer for this!! Please let me know something!! This is ridiculous!!


      Oh, I just downloaded an update on my laptop for the web player in FireFox and the problem is still there so the latest update does not resolve this.




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        • Re: Slingbox Pro HD Audio and Video out of sync

          Hi Mangelo,


          We need to get more information about the connections with the Slingbox, you need to be as specific as possible. What type of cables are you using to connect the Slingbox with the TV source (Cable box, Satellite, DVD, DVR or coaxial). Have you tried a different type of cables or another source? Do you have the same issue if you connect to the Slingbox using a different PC/Mac?


          If the issue persists after testing different cables, source and the computer; I recommend to Restore your Slingbox to Factory Settings