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    Help! "Local Slingbox Not Detected" Please, I'm desperate.


      Hey guys, my first post and I've been without my Slingbox for a year now as I got frustrated and gave up, but am trying to revisit, this time with help, to use it again in my life!


      I got a new Linksys router, reset my Slingbox and had it up working ok for some time.  Suddenly I was getting errors stating that my network was too slow and would not play the contect without stuttering terribly.  Then finally, it just plain old wouldn't connect to my Slingbox anymore.


      I again, reset the box, unplugged my Sling Link home network adapters (I have my computer and router in another room than my TV and TiVo).  Everything light wise on the Sling box and adapters works fine, all lights solid as supposed to be.


      I uninstalled all Sling software.  Tried to do the websetup but it gives me the Local Slingbox Not Detected" error every time.  I haven't tried to connect it directly as I really can't considering the location of things. 


      Now, in Windows Network Map, none of my wireless devices, including TiVo or Sling show up, but they are indeed connected when I look at my network map through Norton Security Suite (is there some setting here that needs adjusting? I had the program permission to Allow for sling, anything else?).  The router is set to port forward at 5100 for and the Norton map shows the sling at that network address too.


      I am at a loss at this point.  I've searched online and can't seem to find anything specific to my situation that I haven't already tried.


      Please help.