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    Slingbox Pro Security question


      I am new to the Slingbox (Pro) environment and have got a brandnew Slingbox Pro today.

      Just for testing purposes I have closed all incoming Ports on my Firewall to check how the slingbox works regarding external connections.

      On my Firewall NAT is enabled, all incoming Ports are closed, no forwarding.


      For testing I tried to connect from an external Internet Connection to the slingbox behind the firewall and i was really surprised that i could succesfull connect to the slingbox beind the Firewall.

      How can the Connection be established with the slingbox pro behind a completely closed firewall?

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          By default, the slingbox uses port 5001 to transmit remotely across the net outside of your existing connected network. Although your router may report all ports closed; some of them are more likely "stealthed" rather then actually closed.


          Without the actual port  that your slingbox is using actually being open on the router,  remote viewing would literally be impossible they way that it's implemented within their software up to this point.