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    Using Slinglink Turbo w/ PS3


      I recently picked up the slinglink turbo and what i was trying to accomplish was a faster hardwired connection rather than using the wireless. Turns out connecting the PS3 wirelessly is faster than using the slinglink turbo. Wirelessly i get 4mbps download with slinglink 1.5mbps womp womp... any suggestions? i thought the slinglink turbo was supposed to handle 85mbps!! Help please

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          It is only capable of "tpto" 85mbps if it's on the same circuit with minimal romax distances. the more circuits and the longer the romax run as well as the gauge of romax are all factors that drag down the speed. Each house and senario is different and directly effect the resulting proformance.

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              Im having the same issues. So to Clarify using SlingLink pro there is no guarantee that you will get better faster speed than your wireless.


              If I had known this I would have bough a wireless bridge over the SlingLink Turbo.


              Can someone from SlingMedia pls confirm.