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    Does Slingbox Solo have a cable input?


      If I get a Slingbox, I'm going to hook it up to a standard definition box -- it's in the same room as my router.  I can hook it up one of two ways:


      - Use a coax connection between the cable box and the TV.  The TV is older, and only has a coax in.


      - Use it independent of the TV, since the cable box has both coax and composite outputs.  This will work, of course, only if the cable box "powers" both the coax (to the TV) and composite (to the Slingbox).  I don't know if the box sends signals to both, or only one.


      In the latter case, I'd watch TV independent of the Slingbox.  That's fine, because all I want it for is to watch some local programming while I'm away from home.


      Is the Slingbox for me?

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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

          You would use coax from your cable box to your tv and composite from your cable box to your Slingbox SOLO.  You use cat5 from the Slingbox to your router.

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            dbsguy Apprentice

            And yes, the coaxial and composite outputs of your cable box are BOTH simultaneously active.


            So you pretty much got it correct. Coaxial out of the cable box connects to the tv, while the composite outputs of the cable box connect to the composite inputs of the solo.


            In the connection method above, if both the local tv and slingbox were being watched simulataneously; they would both be watcing the same station and could NOT be independent.


            To have independant viewing from the local tv however a slingbox pro hd model would better suit your needs; as it incoporates an internal tuner for both analog and ATSC as well as QAM encoded channels.