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    Spm for WP7 - No SB AV support?


      Why the lack of support for the older SB devices? My AV is working just fine, and I feel no need to upgrade to a Solo, but if I want it to work with my WP7 device, I have no choice. Yea, there is a trade in program, but I'm happy with what I have. Is it a case of it working and not being supported, or does the WP7 app really not work with the AV?

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          GaryMO Newbie

          And no SB Classic support?  Was wondering the same thing -- Will SPM for WinPho 7 still work for the older Sling boxes and it just isn't supported, or will it simply not work?

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              I'm in the same boat with my SlingBox AV.  Works great every else but WP7!  If they can support it on WM6+ then they should be able support it on WP7. It's all about bringing in revenue and getting up-to-date with the latest hardware. Nothing more than an upgrade trap if you ask me.

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              Hi, Flea40 and all


              The following link will provide you with all the information about the SlingPlayer Mobile application for the Windows 7 Mobile devices.


              Windows Phone


              As stated in our web site, "New North American TV standards have expanded the demands placed on our software and hardware. We can update the Slingbox Software (also known as "firmware") in our older models and update SlingPlayer, but as time goes on, older hardware limits what a particular Slingbox can do.


              As we develop Slingbox Software and SlingPlayer with new features for these new standards and platforms, these older Slingboxes may not necessarily be able to work with them. This also limits the Slingboxes that we can continue to provide software and support for."


              I hope this information answers your questions.