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    Connecting Away From Home


      I had a connection to my Sling box and it "more or less" worked fine.  I have a Macbook and things were a bit slow some times, but it was more than likely all of the wireless internet interference that it had to go through on both sides than anything else.


      Anyway, I was asked to install some plug in...and the next thing I know the software for Slingbox didn't work and said I lost connection.  So, I had the idea to uninstall and try to reinstall it to see if something happened in that download.  After uninstalling the Slingbox (deleting it), it doesn't want to let me download any new functionality without setting up the whole connection to my Slingbox again.  I won't be in the same location as my slingbox for 2 months and still want to have the benefits of its uses. I've tried just the watch online and it says it can't connect to my Slingbox still....Any ideas on what I can do?

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          Just as an update, on my support page it has 3 warnings.


          • Internet Viewing Status: Warning
          • Slingbox Software Status: Warning
          • Communications Status: Warning


          Still looking for anyone to help...NFL will be on in a few hours and I'm dying here!!!  Still says code 123.  Someone is at my house and can try a few things, but I'm not sure how I will be able to connect to it.

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            Hi, achastai


            In this case, we recommend you to get someone at the Slingbox location in order to run the Setup Assistant for Internet Viewing one more time.


            The following link will allow you to get the step-by-step instructions in order to enable this feature.


            Internet Viewing


            Once you finish this process, we recommend you to install the plug-in running the application from www.slingbox.com