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    Symbian... once and for all?


      Now that it is over a year since Series 5 handsets started appearing (and they now look like being on the way out to make way for bigger better things), I presume SlingMedia have given up on Symbian and it is totally pointless hoping for an upgrade to the software to support the current popular Nokia handsets (N97/97mini, 5800, X8 etc)??  Whilst other handsets like the iPhone and probably Windows 7 Phone are great, and the announcements from SlingMedia about the arrival of software to support the latest and greatest of these phone drop into my inbox, it is a shame Slingmedia have taken their stance of silence on this matter for so long. Do we have to sit out another year of our 2-year operator contacts in a Slingbox-void, whilst the device uselessly gathers dust?  Or will there ever be some light at the end of this dark tunnel?  It is particularly frustrating when the existing Symbian app installs and half-functions... what can be so hard fixing this?