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    Another dead Slingbox?


      This is about my fourth sling, all have died on me.


      This one is a Slingbox solo.


      The box has worked fine for about a year, slinging a Sky satellite box to various computers at home, a netbook or a Nokia N95.


      It now seems like the network connection is dead, the box is hardwired directly to the router. There is no problem with the router or the cabling as I have tested that by connecting my netbook through the cabling that I use for the Slingbox.


      The slingbox will NOT reset , and the startup sequence does not kick in when the box is unplugged and restarted.


      Is this a known issue? I am a network engineer, so the obvious has already been checked. I suspect a failure of the Sling's network card.


      So far I have not had a Sling that has lasted over a year which riles me somewhat as the one's I have installed for my clients seem all to work forever.

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          Hi mr.apollo, please check this information here:


          Troubleshooting Slingbox SOLO streaming and network issues


          Best regards,

          The Slingbox Answers Forum Moderator Team

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              shanj9 Newbie



                This help article was not able to resolve the issue.  Do you or anyone else at slingmedia have any other suggestions?

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                  jiggy79 Newbie

                  This might help, I had a non-working slingbox solo and I replaced the two capacitors on the circuit board and I'm up and running now. I don't know how long this reply is gonna stay up because it seems like the slingbox support people don't like this answer.

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                    This is my suggestion for you.


                    What to do if the troubleshooting above doesn't help


                    Just call us! There are links below this page and above to the right with our contact information. If these steps haven't resolved your issue, we'd like to try to help determine if you have a hardware issue.

                    If you call us for help and are outside your 90-day complimentary support period, we will initially charge you for support, as per our Paid Support options (see article below for details).


                    However, if we determine that your issue is a warranty hardware issue that we cannot resolve over the phone, we will:

                    • Replace the Slingbox SOLO for free.

                    • Refund the support fee you purchased.


                    When you call us, please note that our Support Professionals may go through additional troubleshooting steps - some that you may have already performed! We require that you are at the physical location of your Slingbox. Please be bear with us while we verify the cause of your issue.

                    If we are able to fix your issue over the phone, please note that the support fee cannot be refunded!


                    I hope it helps.