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    Upload speed requirements for Slingbox Pro-HD - HD options on Slingcatcher?


      Hello, Recently I configured a Slingbox Pro-HD at a remote location and a Slingcatcher at home to my HD TV.  I was able to configure everything so that I see video on my Slingcatcher, but the video was very grainy.  After a lot of research, I realized that the upload speed on the internet router connected to my Slingbox Pro-HD was much too low.  It's at around 300-500kbps, and Slingbox requires HD to be at 2mbps.  So basically I'm watching SD quality sent from my HD Slingbox. My current provider only offers up to 1mbps upload speed on residential customer accounts.  I've looked into other internet providers in the location of my Slingbox and there is one that offers 3mbps but it is quite costly. Has anyone else run into this challenge and would have some advice for me?  Not sure I have any other options here.  Had I known the technical requirements and costs involved with slinging HD TV, I would not have gone down this road.