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    the upload speed on my network do not match what i see on slingbox


      Hi There

      i have a slingbox Pro HD in Israel (i am in NYC) and i changed my internet service provider from Bezeq to Hot (i use to have 5MB download over 500KBPS upload and i got this speed with slingbox) yesterday they installed HOT with 12MB download over 1MB upload (1000KBPS) and with speedtest.net  (i loged in with logmein to run the test) it gave me  10.5MB over 960kbps  BUT when i use slingbox it only give me 96kbps while with the other provider i would get exsaclly what would show on the speedtest here i get only 10% of the opload speed


      p.s i put the speed on my slingbox on auto


      i want to know if anyone can tell where is the problem and how can i fix it? is it the ISP fualt ?


      Please Help since if it will not work i would need to go back to my privuse provider