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    First time SOLO set-up: No video signal


      Hello -


      I just bought a Slingbox SOLO tonight and went through the set-up steps to connect my Toshiba MW24f12 television with COX Communications Digital Cable to my Linksys WRT54G internet router with Cox Communications Broadband internet.  I ran Speedtest.com and our speed is: download is 18.51 Mbps & upload is 2.56 Mbps.


      I connected all the cables and ran the firmware update and internet set-up. I chose "Composite" for the input and selected my TV model (Toshiba MW24f12) (I know, old model!).


      I thought things were going well because when I got to the screen with the internet remote control, I can turn my cable on and off.


      I don't get any video though. Currently, in my website Slingplayer view, I get this display:

      " NO VIDEO INPUT 2465 kbps "


      After running "Testing internet viewing" several times, I need to manually configure my internet router but mine (WRT54G) doesn't have instructions listed.


      Also, when I go to "Configure inputs", it says No video detected... even though I have Composite (Toshiba DVD) selected.


      What should I do? What am I doing incorrectly?



      (A) The cable connected incorrectly? or

      (B) Is my internet connection too slow? or

      (C) Something else?


      What else would cause a "No video signal"?

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          Today, I tried to set up the port range forwarding.


          I went into the Wireless G-Band Router page and changed the port to 5001 as instructed on this page: http://www.slingmedia.com/get/KB-005033.html


          After that, the internet viewing set-up said it was successful but I still get no video signal. I just get a small fuzzy green horizontal bar.


          What am I doing incorrectly?

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              Is there perhaps a support phone number I can call? Or someone who I can pay to troubleshoot?


              Otherwise we have to return it soon.. :\

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                  Hi, yasuda.


                  You just need to check the network connections. This is how you must connect the network components.


                  1. Slingbox to router using an ethernet cable


                  2. Composite cables from Cox set top box Composite outputs into the Slingbox Composite inputs.


                  3. If you want to set a passthrough, Composite cables from Slingbox outputs into TV set Composite inputs


                  The following link will provide you with further information.


                  TV Hook up


                  If you hook it up this way, you will be able to get your Slingbox working in a proper way. Finally, if by any chance you are using the HDMI cable, you will need to remove it, since the Slingbox and the HDMI cable are not compatible at all.