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    web setup frozen at "initializing SlingAccounts"


      I am attempting  to set up a slingbox solo so that my father can enjoy American (aka English) programming while he studies in Italy.

      I have encountered some difficulty while running the slingbox setup.

      The web setup is able to locate the unit, yet, once it reaches the sling accounts initialization screen it freezes up.  

      I have tried the following:

        Resetting the slingbox  (both with the reset button and a power cycle)--------------------no change

        Waiting for the initialization to complete (30min.+ )-----------------------------------------------no change

        Downloading and installing the latest Java software-----------------------------------------------no change

        Clearing all cookies and shutting down all antivirus/antispyware applications-----------no change

        Disabeling wireless and going all wired ethernet----------------------------------------------------no change

        Connecting computer directly to the slingbox via ethernet cable------------------------------no change (no communication at all)


      I have run out of ideas and would appreciate any input.  (And so would my dad!!)