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    Draytek Vigor Router 2820 Set up - I wish I had known this


      This router worked well until i wanted to view my Sling Solo remotely.  There is no autoset within setup assistant for this router currently to allow you to access it from outside your home network.


      I had to do a couple of things within the router menu of the Vigor, then set up a few things.


      First i wanted to make the IP address given to the Sling the same each time - so it could always be found from outside my home network from the internet.


      1. find the MAC address of the Sling printed underneath it.

      2. returning to the Vigor Menu - click on LAN and then BIND IP TO MAC - and you should get the menu i have cut and paste below.

      3. Find the mac Address in the table on the left that you found in 1 - see below - for me has been given to my solo MAC 00-13-B6-33-34-2C

      4. Select the IP Address associated with the Sling MAC address and then ADD it to the right hand side of the table - this will mean that every time the router is started it will give the same IP address to the sling.

      5. Then Enable this functionality.

      6. Then click OK


      ind IP to MAC
      Note:IP-MAC binding presets DHCP Allocations.
      If you select Strict Bind, unspecified LAN clients cannot access the Internet.
      Enable   Disable   Strict Bind

      ARP Table| Select All | Sort | Refresh |

      Add and Edit
      IP Address
      Mac Address:::::
      IP Bind List| Select All | Sort |



      Next you need to go to port redirection on the router menu - to open up the right ports on the router to let you access the router from outside your home network.


      7. NAT and then Port Redirection, to bring the menu up below.  I have created a Port Redirection on index 1.


      AT >> Port Redirection


      Port RedirectionSet to Factory Default |
      IndexService NamePublic PortPrivate IPStatus
      << 1-10 | 11-20 >>Next >>


      8. Click on the 1. (or next free number) within the index column to give this menu



      dex No. 1
      Service Name
      WAN IP
      Public Port
      Private IP
      Private Port
      Note: In "Range" Mode the End IP will be calculated automatically once the Public Port and Start IP have been entered.





      9. Click on box next to Enable to crate a tick

      The port is 5001 for Slings

      The private IP is the same IP address we fixed in the LAN menu above

      10. Click OK and with luck it should work