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    internet access problems. no access to router?




      i have a slingbox classic and so far everything works fine. i can access it from my local network and watch it on my computer at home within the local network but im strugling with the setup for the internet as the slingbox can not access my router. in the automatic setup it asks me fir the router username and password but this obviously does not work. it says username / password wrong althought im 100% sure it is correct because i can access my router with this username / password with no problems.


      my router also has the slingbox in the list as attached unit with IP adress and MAC adress, firewall is off and i also temporarly allowed a remote access to the router. the software still tells me to provide the username and passwd for the router.


      then i tried manually but the router is not listed? its a DLink DSL 2640S


      i tried to contact the slingbox support but as soon as i click on the support link i get redirected to the slingbox shop....i dont want to buy anything! i want support!!!




      then on that site i click on "Contact Technical Support" on the right side far down at the bottom of the site in the section "Get more Help"


      Im very disapointed


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          Just posted exact same problem. Let me know if you manage to resolve. Very annoying that this router is not listed in the setup assistant and I confirm that the username and password for my router work when accessing the router via the web address but not from within setup assistant.



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              Sorry - not able to help. Just got Sky working so tried to set-up Slingbox as I'm off to the States in a week - can't find anything in the sky router for port forwarding etc. and Slingmedia no help (used to be very good). Get the same login 'features' quoted. If you find anything please let me know - I will do the same.



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              I think I have the answer!!

              Run the slingbox remote access using manual setup to get the ip address and port etc.

              In the Sky D-Link router go to Services > add custom service > add

              add a name (Slingbox) and port (from the Slingbox - typically 5001)


              Next in the Security tab > Fire wall rules

              outbound add slingbox

              In add the ip address of your slingbox


              Save and test


              Worked for me.