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    Slingbox Pro Sound Stoppped Working


      I have had a slinbox pro for about two years.  The sound stopped working a couple of days ago.  I cannot find anything wrong with the set-up.  Has anyone experienced this problem and what fixes did you try?

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          Hi 87twins,


          If you are still having this issue with the audio, I recommend that you check just the audio cables and try to use them in another application, i.e, test those cables with a DVD and a TV. You also can take a look at the following link with some troubleshooting steps that you can perform


          Slingbox audio issues: Basic troubleshooting



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            Hello,  Yes, I have been using slingbox pro for about 4 years and it worked fine, until last week.  I have direct tv and basic cable with no box running thru my slingbox pro.  Last week my slingbox stopped putting out audio while I watched the direct tv.  However, when I switched to the cable, the audio worked fine.  Strange?  I also checked all of the cables and connections, but to no avail.  I called slingbox support and they said I was out of warranty and they would have to charge me $29.95 to assist me with my no audio problem.  I believe that my sound problem arose after I started my slingbox up one day last week and it asked me if I wanted to upgrade to the newest version of slingbox and I did.  But that is when my audio stopped working!

            I was wondering if when they sent me an upgrade, it made my slingbox stop producing audio?  If it did and I cannot fix the problem myself, then I would have to call and pay slingbox support the $29.99 to fix my audio!  I sure hope that slingbox would not do anything like that?  But, in this day and age, I don't trust anybody!!!

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                I have a similiar issue, one of my Sling box Pro´s worked for two years and now suddenly when I where looking at cable-TV on a local TV-set (connected with pass-through a slingbox Pro) the TV suddenly gave no sound. No cables changed nothing done, just sitting in the sofa watching the TV.


                This has occured thre times during the last week. When trying to connect to the slingbox through a computer it says that it is off-line - no response. The two leeds on the box are on as normal. Resetting the IP-switch gives no effect. But taking out the power cable to the slingbox and reconnecting it gives back the sound to the local TV an also the possibility to connect to the box through a computer.


                I measured the power adapter when connected to the box and it shows 6.2 V.


                The box has become to unstable, what can I do to correct the problem? Is it software related? Why is there no Wathdog resetting it? Why does it stop responding?