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    Multiple errors in Box after setting it up for the first time in a while

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      Had my slingbox off for some time, and decided to set it up again.  Having all kinds of problems.....

      It's a pro-HD

      1. My remote has to be set up every time.

      2. I can view on most PCs, but on both of my android devices (Phone and tablet) I get "Your Slingbox is unconfigured"

      3. I can't get the horseshoe lights to turn off on my Unit.  As you know, they're bright enough to light a small city.  Used to be when I logged out or powered off, the lights would go out.  Not anymore.  I literally have to take the power out of the unit every night, because it's in our bedroom.


      This used to be such a great thing, now I'm lukewarm about SB.  I want to buy the newest one, but the service, the Ads, the support, and the product have slipped so much since I last bought one (my second)


      Any help is appreciated.