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    SLingbox update now has audio 60hz hum


      Ok, been using my slingbox for over a year. A couple of days ago installed update now have the following problem:


      When pausing the content, it appears some automatic volume gain control happens and boosts the audio volume so much I receive a somewhat loud 60 hz audio hum. The "60hz hum" volume level slowly builds over 60 - 120 seconds. Sort of like having a regular tuner/amplifier that you can hear a hum if there is no input turned on and the volume is all the way up. Once the content is started playing the audio level becomes normal. If you exit the sling software the audio hum goes away.


      This has been duplicated on both of my slingplayer PCs.


      I'm ready to drop back a version but I think that will not work with the latest f/w upgrade.


      How do I tell the sling people there is a problem with this update?

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          Same problem here.

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            whew, glad I'm not alone! haha


            Hopefully this will be fixed soon!

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                Akilla21 Newbie

                And that's why I refuse to do the update. Sling don't want to advertise what changes are within the update. So, the only test is to wait for a bunch of other people to experience the failures first. I do hope that with their updates you are actually getting a new feature, like better server access, better bandwidth utilization. But somehow I doubt it, thus I will continue to wait. Maybe til like February or something. But sling won't put out another update for at least a year.

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                Hello Roterhead101 and All,


                I suggest that you try to use different audio cables and confirm that they are properly connected and if the issue persists, Reset your Slingbox. After that you will need to run the Setup Assistant


                Let us know how it works.

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                    I've got the same problem,.  It sounds like my computer is going to explode if I've left the Slingbox on pause, and I'm sure there are lots of others out there experiencing the same thing.  I hadn't even associated it with a recent update.  I've had a Slingbox and used the various Slingplayer editions for years, and have always updated without incident.  I don't need new cables, and I really don't want to go reset my box and go through the setup assistant again unless it's confirmed that this actually solves the problem.  How about you people at Slingmedia actually figuring out what the problem is and fixing it?

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                    Akilla21 Newbie

                    When will you guys learn. First, SlingMedia doesn't post what they are updating. So, why update as soon as they release it just to be the test bed of their designs. I have no plans on updating to any versions while my SlingPro HD works. To me, my system performs perfectly, my only issue is with SlingMedia and how my box talks to their systems and how often I have low BW. That's usually, not a FW problem, but more a server/client issue.


                    The problem everyone is experiencing will be that way for the next year. As Slingmedia RD is slow as molasses syrup, they don't even listen to their users before selling their product to big ISP. Guess, what with Comcast, Cox, DirectTV and Dish Networks buying SlingMedia products on a large scale, guess what is going to happen to the little people spending a one time fee on their products. Your requirements and demands will be left by the side of the road.


                    Call me upset, call me a frantic user but I just see their business practices as a poor business model. I wonder do they consult even with Big ISP when they have HW issues.

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                      Wow...I just got a new Sling Box 500 as a gift. I got help from Tech support when setting up which was good but  I was very unhappy wiith the poor sound quality. After going through the troubleshooting list on the website, I called Tech support.

                      After about a ten minute discussion and a general troubleshooting, the tech support rep told me they were hooked up right and that there was a problem with my SlingBox and set up an RMA to replace my current new system.


                      Low and behold, I received my new system only two days later, hooked it and guess what? It also has the 60 Hz hum mentioned in some other posts.


                      One would think that the company knows of the problem and would want to assign a priority to fixing it. I like the technology but can;t stand the 60 Hz hum. Sooner rather than later I'll turn off my SlingBox 500 for good and let everybody know why I can't recommend the potentially wonfderful product.

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                          craig.sling Novice

                          Hello dasarnow1,


                          Thank you for the detailed response. I have something that I would like you to try for me. Can I have you pull up the menu on your cable box and see if there is an audio option? If there is, can I have you select that option? There should also be a volume setting. On some cable boxes there is an option to optimize the sound. Can I have you select this option and see if that clears up the audio?

                          Hope this helps,


                          Thank you

                          Sling Moderation Team